How-To Videos

How-To Videos

Teachers from around our district have created short how-to videos to help students and families access school email and PowerSchool remotely, navigate Google Classroom and other learning platforms, programs and apps, set up learning areas at home and more. The videos are available in English, and we're working on translations in other languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Karen, Burmese and Somali.

More videos will be added so check back often. Don't see what you need? Send your suggestion for a topic to

Google Classroom

How to Use Google Classroom
Also available in: Burmese | Karen | Somali | Spanish

Google Classroom: How Does My Student Turn in Assessments?
Also available in: Burmese | Karen | Russian | Spanish

Google Classroom: How to Communicate With Your Child's Teacher
Also available in: Spanish

Google Classroom: How to Access Teacher Videos
Also available in: Arabic

Google Classroom: How to Check Student Progress
Also available in: Arabic | Burmese | Somali | Spanish

Google Classroom: How to See and Find Assignments

Google Classroom: Where is My Student's Assessment
Also available in: Arabic | Karen | Spanish

We also have some written instructions for Google Classroom:
The Parents' Guide to Google Classroom
Kennewick School District Google Classroom Basics
Guardians's Guide to G Suite for Education

Google Apps

How to Use Google Calendar
Also available in: Arabic | Spanish

How to Use Google Chrome
Also available in: Somali | Spanish

How to Use Google Drive
Also available in: Arabic | Burmese | Spanish


How to Access PowerSchool
Also available in: Burmese | Karen | Spanish

How to Check Grades in PowerSchool
Also available in: Karen | Russian

Other Apps Students Will Use

How to Log into Rapid Identity
Also available in: Spanish

Rapid Identity: How to Use Pictograph Passwords, Including Set Up and Bypass
Also available in: Karen | Spanish How to Use How to Use

PDFs: How to Edit PDFs in Google Classroom Using DocHub
Also available in: Spanish

Screencastify: How to Use Screencastify

Flipgrid: Adding Videos to Flipgrid
Also available in: Spanish

Overview of Seesaw
Also available in: Spanish

Overview of Seesaw on the Family App

How to Use Sora

How Can My Child Create a Video in Zoom?
Also available in: Spanish

How Can My Child Be a Successful Learner During a Zoom Session?
Also available in: Spanish

COVID-19 Safety

Speaking to Your Child Positively About Returning to School
Also available in: Spanish

Social Emotional Well-Being

How to Support My Child's Well-Being
Also available in: Arabic | Russian | Spanish

How to Manage Time for Different Subjects for Secondary Students
Also available in: Arabic | Spanish

Mindfulness Posture and Introduction

Guided Mindfulness: Mindful Thoughts

Guided Mindfulness: Heartfulness

Tips for Learning at Home

How to Set Up a Learning Area at Home
Also available in: Spanish

Synchronous and Asynchronous Videos: What's the Difference?
Also available in: Arabic | Russian | Spanish

Troubleshooting: Access to Rapid Identity Using an Incognito Window

How to do a Split Screen on Chromebook

How to Check School Email from Home
Also available in: Karen | Russian | Spanish

Blended Learning: What Is It?

Blended Learning: How to Support Your Middle School Student
Also available in: Arabic | Karen | Spanish

Tips for Specific Content Areas

FOSSWeb: How to Use FOSSWeb
Also available in: Arabic | Spanish

Imagine Learning
Also available in: Spanish

Transfer Requests, P-EBT and Other Topics

How P-EBT Can Feed Washington's Kids
Also available in: Spanish

How to Make a Choice Transfer Request
Also available in: Spanish

How to Make a Childcare Transfer Request
Also available in: Spanish

How to Change of the Language of KSD's Website
Also available in: Spanish

How to Apply for Free or Reduced-Price Meals
Also available in: Spanish

Videos solo en Español

El programa de educación en dos idiomas