READY! for Kindergarten

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Is your child ready for kindergarten?

Kennewick School District, in partnership with The Children's Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia, offers FREE parent workshops.

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What to Expect

  • Learn simple activities that make learning at home fun and easy.
  • FREE to families within the Kennewick School District ($86 for non-residents).
  • FREE licensed child care while you attend workshops.
  • All parents of children BIRTH TO 5 YEARS OLD are welcome.
  • Receive FREE toys and books to share with your child.

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Sea el primer maestro de su hijo

El Distrito Escolar de Kennewick se ha asociado con la Fundación de Lectura para Niños de Mid-Columbia (Children's Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia) para ofrecer los talleres GRATIS para los padres.

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Parents are a child's most powerful teacher

The READY! for Kindergarten program is designed to help parents prepare their children with the early learning skills needed to start and stay at grade level throughout their scholastic career. You, the parent or caregiver, are your child's most powerful teacher.

With READY! for Kindergarten, you plant the seeds for success in school and a lifelong love of learning for your child. Kennewick School District partners with The Children's Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia to offer READY! for Kindergarten classes for parents throughout the year.

The classes encourage parents to talk, sing, read and play with their child in simple ways that foster essential pre-literacy, pre-math and social-emotional skills. Age-appropriate activities are designed to begin at birth and continue through age 5. The curriculum is based on current research and replicates what parents and educators of successful students have done for years.

Parents and caregivers choose from one of five classes, depending on their child's age, and attend sessions three times per year. Each class is a 90-minute interactive lesson led by a trained instructor. The targets, materials and tools used in class are available to participants to take home and use with their child as they wish, based on their child's personality, abilities, interests and their family's values and culture.

Program Contacts

Erin Lee
Ready! for Kindergarten Coordinator
(509) 222-5035