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Online Independent Learning

We offer online learning through Legacy Online (Legacy High School) and also to homeschool students through Mid-Columbia Partnership. Our online programs provide a web-based educational opportunity for students desiring an alternative to traditional direct instruction or classroom-based schooling.

Online learning takes place through academic instruction that occurs primarily off-campus through electronic means, utilizing computer-assisted instruction.

Apex Learning® and Apex Literacy Advantage® courses constitute the core of the online curriculum. These accredited courses are approved by Kennewick School District, meet state standards for learning and are supervised by highly qualified Kennewick School District teachers.

Independent learning requires strong self-discipline, personal maturity, a focused work ethic, and reliable internet access outside of the school setting in order to be successful. Prior academic experience may be suggestive of future success. Depending upon course load, students are required to spend five to 25 hours per week working on coursework independently, and one to five hours per week in direct contact with their course supervisors. Progress checks are made regularly. Students not fulfilling coursework and/or contact requirements, nor making appropriate academic progress, will be dropped from their courses.

High school students enrolled in online courses may also pursue enrollment in other educational courses, such as those offered by Tri-Tech Skills Center and the Running Start program at Columbia Basin College.

Internet Assistance for KSD Families

Do you need help with internet access? Visit our Information Technology page for details.

For more information:

Legacy Online (operated through Legacy High School)

4624 W. 10th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336
(509) 222-5249

Mid-Columbia Partnership (for students who are homeschooled)

5980 W. 12th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336
(509) 222-5036

Program Contacts

Paul Osborne
Principal of Legacy High School
(509) 222-6552